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Understanding the financial needs and risk appetite of a client (both individual and institutions) is critical in identifying the right mix of products suitable to the client – a step that is often overlooked or completed as a mere formality.  After thoroughly understanding the requirements and risk tolerance levels of a client, we aim to provide unbiased guidance about various investment vehicles in the debt and equity sphere like mutual funds, fixed deposits, insurance products, direct equity transactions in the secondary markets, RBI bonds, postal savings and others, as the case may be.



Successful relationships are based on trust, unbiased and accurate financial guidance, good investment performance and constant client communications. Maintaining regular, periodic client interaction allows us to understand the financial requirements and objectives of each client and develop a customized offering of products and services to meet those requirements and objectives. Periodic interaction with clients also allows us to identify and understand any changes in the client’s financial needs, objectives and constraints in a timely manner and make appropriate changes in the investment products / services, as need be. The nature and frequency of client interactions, performance reports and analysis are primarily dictated by the needs and wants of each individual client. At a minimum,

  • Portfolio and transaction statements are sent on a regular basis.
  • Accounting reports are issued when required.
  • Regular client contact is ensured through written correspondence, telephone updates and personal meetings.