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Products & Services

Investment  Guidance (includes mutual funds, FDs, RBI Bonds, Corporate Bonds, IPOs and alternative asset classes)
Each client has unique needs. At SWAB, we will meet you to find out about your dreams and your financial situation before anything else. This knowledge is the basis of a tailored financial plan and an ongoing, collaborative relationship. After thoroughly understanding the requirements and risk tolerance levels of a client, we aim to provide unbiased guidance about various investment vehicles in the debt and equity sphere like mutual funds, fixed deposits, insurance products, direct equity transactions in the secondary markets, RBI bonds, postal savings and others, as the case may be.

On a periodic basis, we will meet with you to track the performance of your investments, discuss alternative investment options (if required), and discuss market trends, government policy decisions and the global macro-economic perspective and their impact on your portfolio. Additionally, we will also inform you of new product offerings (mutual funds, debt instruments like tax free bonds, alternative assets) and discuss their suitability to your financial needs and goals.

In a bid to facilitate client interaction with the fund managers and investment management team, SWAB plans to have periodic presentations with different asset management companies to present a view on the market or on a specific product. 

Real Estate Guidance
To enhance portfolio diversification, SWAB also provides services related to the investment of funds in property with an aim to generate income through rents or via long term capital appreciation. Services for real estate investments are crucial due to the amount involved and the long term nature of the investment. Currently, there is an increased amount of volatility in the real estate market and we at SWAB can help you navigate through the uncertainty with sound guidance and seamless, end-to-end execution of transactions.


At SWAB, we provide comprehensive risk management solutions for corporate clients and individuals. Our solutions identify, measure, and assess the risk coverage of which insurance is an integral part .Our philosophy is to provide the best possible insurance cover and the least possible price. Our team comprises of competent professional who will help you choose the right product from a variety of options. We not only help you buy insurance but also help you settle your claims. In short, SWAB provides tailor made insurance solutions- i.e. everything one needs to think of while taking an informed decision for your life and general insurance needs.

Corporate Consulting Services
From enterprise risk management frameworks to operational risk, regulatory and compliance risk, we can help. As the risk domain expands, the risk management function plays a more prominent and critical role within organizations. We can help you understand how process and technology can properly combine to enhance risk management. Practical guidance and an integrated service approach is how we help you achieve your business strategies by enhancing risk management practices and improving business performance.